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Third Party Screen Replacement: An alarming issue to the iPhone 13’s Users

iFixit revealed in its article that iPhone 13’s display without breaking the Face ID could have a significant impact on the third-party companies that offers the services of iPhone 13 Screen Repairs. This issue was first highlighted by iFixit during the teardown of iPhone 13 pro by confirming it with multiple tests. Replacing the display of iPhone 13 with that of new iPhone 13’s display will result in an error popping out on your iPhone 13’s screen. The repair of the iPhone 13’s display now requires a microscope and micro-soldering tools or an access to Apple’s services which a lot of technicians have criticized. Previously, the iPhone display could easily be replaced with hand-held tools but now it’s a serious issue. iPhone 13’s display has a small microcontroller embedded on it which causes the unease to the repairing service providers. Some of the repairing service providers have found a solution for it, but they consider it as work intensive. iFixit declares that the decision to disable Face ID on the new iPhone 13 can cause the repairing service providers to shut down or can seriously affect their business. Additionally, for the people an authorized repair at the Apple Authorized Service Provider can be very expensive. Finding an alternative local shop that has the ability to swap the new iPhone 13’s screen microcontroller or sacrificing your Face ID instead of paying for an authorized repair might feel like a great option if one is unable to meet the finances.

Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store for any kind of repair would be the best option for the customers owning iPhone 13 due to the difficulty of screen replacement and prospective Face ID failure. Without the AppleCare+ the screen replacement for iPhone 13 models costs between $229 to $329.

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