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Netflix free Gaming Service – Now Available in the US

Netflix's gaming service could be coming soon to a screen near you let's get into it.

Launch Announcement & Available countries

Only two days back Netflix announced that it has expanded its gaming service “Netflix Games” to over 190 countries including the United States and Canada. However, the gaming features still require subscribers to own either an android smartphone or tablet in order to play.

Bad news iPhone Users

While IOS support is not available, yet Netflix says it will be rolling out quote in the coming months.

Available Games and Downloadability

Started November 03 Netflix games is available to subscribers in almost all regions, and you can download the Netflix games app from the google play store.

The expansion of Netflix games comes as no surprise as the company began testing features last august with subscribers in Poland already having access to the service. Currently these 5 games are available over the app:

1. Stranger Things: 1984

2. Stranger Things 3

3. Shooting Hoops

4. Card Blast

5. Teeter Up

Though Netflix says that all five games coming to the service will slowly roll out starting November 3.

Problem: The use wireless/mobile controllers along

The games on the Netflix games app use touch controls only at least for now. Among the games included will be stranger things 3, the game unfortunately you will not be able to use a wireless controller or a mobile controller like the razer kishi.

Payable Charges – Netflix Games

Netflix notes that its games app does require subscription to its streaming service and that there are no ads additional fees or micro transactions.

Netflix announced that it had hired veteran game executive Mike Verdue as its VP of game development it seems they've taken another step today and we'll keep you posted as Netflix's game plans coalesce for the latest in gaming and entertainment not to mention when entertainment giants try to get into gaming stick with ign.

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