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Spilled liquid on Laptop? Here is the trick to save it.

There has been a great increase in working from home during the pandemic, so the probability of spilling liquid on your laptop has increased to a significant number. Spilling a small amount of liquid on the laptop’s keyboard can be more alarming.

The trick to save a drowned laptop is knowing the necessary steps to follow and combinedly how efficiently you perform them. Remember, your efficiency matters a lot! The faster you follow these steps the more likely you will save your drowned laptop. Step 1 - Immediately turn off your laptop and remove the battery

Immediately turn off your laptop which can be done by holding the power button. Make sure the charger is not connected with the laptop’s power supply. Take the battery out of laptop if it can be detached easily. This will prevent your laptop from liquid reaching the battery which can cause potential electrical risk.

Step 2 – Remove the moisture and laptop components

Use a tissue paper or towel to wipe up as much as fluid as you can. Secondly, if you are confident that you can de-assemble your laptop so take out the hard components such as RAM and Hard Drive.

Step 3 – Keep your laptop in a dry place

Leaving out your laptop in dry place will allow the moisture to dry out which was there due to the liquid that has spilled. It will take 2-3 days for the laptop to get dry completely.

After all these steps are followed re-assemble all the components of your laptop and turn it on. For instance, if the above steps are followed timely your laptop will work. But if your laptop or some component - such as keyboard - is still not functional, don’t loose hope and reach out a reputable technician to fix it out.

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